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My blog has been quiet for a while, but i am working. I am working on my business, my projects and my network as well as a new studio. Follow me on instagram for day-to-day moments. @birgitteheibergphotography

Home Sweet Home

Home. Spent our Easter break back in Mill Valley feeling very much at home. Hanging out with  friends, revisiting favorite places and restaurants, cycling, hiking, drinking coffee at Peets & Equator - All good. Its a special place to us. We immediately made friends and fell in love with the beautiful landscapes, the mild weather and the Golden Gate Bridge when we lived there, so off course we miss this special place. What is so special about it? Let me show you some photos from this trip that might explain better.

millvalleymarch18 (1 of 34).jpg

Mt tamalpais

First the mountain which towers over Marin County and which Mill Valley sits upon. I love to spend time up there. The views are spectacular. You see the Pacific, San Francisco and the bay area and just the tip of the Golden Gate Bridge. My favorite place is right there on the photos above. You see that tree in the middle on the top (left)? There is a bench of stone  underneath it and now there is also a swing. A good place to picnic. We have been on numerous amazing hikes around here and watched many sunsets. It is only 30 min drive from Mill Valley. 

The Headlands

The headlands is the first part of Marin county that sticks out into the Pacific and stretches from the Golden Gate Bridge to Mill Valley. If you drive from Golden Gate Bridge to the top of Hawk Hill you will have awesome views on a clear day and sunsets are amazing. It can get crowded up there and almost impossible to park near the bridge, but totally worth it. The light on San Francisco is great from this side. In the morning go to the other side below the bridge and have morning coffee at Cavallo Point or head to CIBO in Sausalito. We also did a nice hike by Rodeo Beach which is at the end of the valley you see on the photo with the painted walls and we discovered a new great viewpoint. William has been on two summercamps by Rodeo Beach and he told us quite a bit about the animals there and places he had been.

Stinson Beach

To get to Stinson Beach you have to drive over Mt. Tam or drive through the quaint town of Fairfax. Highway 1 is still under reconstruction from a mudslide before Stinson beach. Its the locals favorite beach and can be very crowded when it is hot, but not this time. We enjoyed walking on the beach and meeting up with Henning & Dave on their cycling trip. We did actually meet them earlier on the top of Mt. Tam, where we tested a Dji Mavic Air drone following them. A lot of fun and lots to learn for future projects. The best place for tacos and combucha is the Sirene cafe, but it was unfortunately closed that day. Instead we had coffee at Parkside.

millvalleymarch18 (19 of 34).jpg

Mill Valley

Besides wonderful people, Mill Valley has many nice restaurants and a good atmosphere. I like all the redwood trees and steps around downtown. You can actually hike all the way from Mill Valley to Stinson Beach. Its called the Dipsea hike and there is a yearly run too. We hiked it once and it is a beautiful trail through a very varied landscape. Its also hard with very few flat stretches. It is around 7 miles long. Downtown there is a square downtown with nice shops around and there are often interesting things going on like the Memorial Parade, the Art festival or the Film Festival.   

San Francisco

It got time to head home to Denmark from our Mill Valley home. So great to catch up! We spent the last few hours in San Francisco - watching the fog hanging over the Headlands and the Golden Gate Bridge, enjoying the sight of Dolphins in the bay (you can just see the fin sticking up in the water here), exploring Fort Point and enjoying icecream at Swensens and windowshopping at Fillmore St. Already looking forward to next time!

If you ever need tips for visiting this area you are welcome to get in touch. Its an awesome place with so much to see and do and eat!

Veddelev walk

Yet another day of exploring my new surroundings. Went for a nice refreshing walk with my dear aunt in Roskilde. It was cold, but clear and with a little bit of snow. The fjord is starting to freeze and the birds were standing on the ice in some places. We saw lots of birds on our walk. After about 7,5 km we ended our walk with a chat and a nice cup of hot tea to warm us. Life is good.

Tree discories in Boserup Skov

I am working on a photography project this year that has to do with transitions and one form of transition is moving. This is something I have done quite a bit and this is probably also why I chose this theme. So far i am not sure where I am going with this, but one thought that caught my mind was the word "roots". Can you have roots in many places? Certainly you can replant a tree and it will grow in different places, but maybe not all soils or climates. Also some roots are very supporting and others are not. I decided to literally take photos of roots while thinking about this :-). So I jumped in the car and drove to the nearest forest (Boserup Skov) to explore. 

One tree simply went over the road and made new roots there, so it is permanently connected to both sides of it. I think thats how I feel at the moment between my last place of residence and my new one :-).

Other trees managed to stay up even if their roots where floating beneath them or spreading to find a balance. It was very fascinating.

In the beginning I felt uncomfortable walking alone in the empty forest, but it turned out to be a beautiful experience and I always enjoy my time with my camera, which is sometimes too time consuming for friends or family. But it is a nice proces finding the right light, angle and subject.

At one point it started raining very lightly giving me wonderful color and sound, but as this turned more heavy I decided to head back to the car.  I hope you enjoyed my walk too :-). 

On my way out I met this bunch of kindergarden children. They were doing a hero pose by the water and looked like they were enjoying themselves in spite of the rainy weather. Nice.

December atmosphere

I am back in Denmark now after 12 years abroad and I am rediscovering everything. Somethings are great and others not - such as the cold weather. I miss spending more time outside in sunny weather. At least December makes the cold bearable with all the lights outside, the christmas markets and decorations and all the delicious food and hot drinks. Here are 10 photos from a walk to the christmas market in my new town, Roskilde, on a cold December day. 

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