Blog opening!

Dear reader!

I am very excited to open a blog on my website, so that I can share what I am working on and give you some more background to my images. My aim is to post at least weekly and I welcome feedback or comments. 

 - Birgitte

This photo was taken on Mt. Tam in Marin County, CA. You can spot Mt. Diablo in the back, Strawberry, Tiburon, Belvedere and Angel Island in the middle and San Francisco to the right behind Marin Headlands. This is my favorite spot of all the beautiful places around Marin County where I live. I come often for hiking, photography, to watch the sun set with friends and just to meditate with a cup of coffee. On clear days the view over the Bay area is spectacular, but it is equally interesting when the fog is rolling in from the Pacific. Its grounding and elevating at the same time. I cannot get enough of it, which you will probably notice at some point when you look at my photos. I invite you to see it for yourself. Have a nice day!