Fairfax, CA in December

In December I went for a walk with my fellow focusnomore photographer, Chloe, in the town of Fairfax. Fairfax is located in Marin County, CA and has a reputation for being a progressive hippie laid back town with a strong focus on sustainability and organic food. Anyway coffee was the first thing on our mind, so we started our trip that morning at the Fairfax Coffee Roastery. This is my little portrait of Fairfax boiled down into just 10 photos as part of a 10 on 10 photography blog group project. 

On our journey through the center of the town we past several quaint shops and talked to the very friendly owners. The potting shed was abundant with photographic opportunities. In the Backyard farmer shop we learned about growing mushroom, making Kombucha and the sounds of different types of owls. We visited fun and interesting shops. We enjoyed the quiet setting and relaxed atmosphere and a really nice lunch at the new modern Mas Masa Mexican restaurant. We saw many people with yoga mats and a good amount of people biking. Fairfax is also the birthplace of mountain biking, with a new museum dedicated to biking and a mosaic about the beginnings of the repack trail where is all began. All in all an enjoyable daytrip.  

Every month on the 10th I will post 10 photos from the last month and I encourage you to look through the other blogposts as well. Here is a link to Chloe Lagier's 10on10 blogpost