Haight Ashbury Detour with Peter Coyote (January 2017)

I enjoy exploring. I love seeing new places, people and learning the history behind them. The Detour App is such a great way of discovering San Francisco that helps you do that. Yesterday I took a trip through Haight Ashbury with friends and learned a lot about the role this area played in the 60es alternative movements. We were walking around with Peter Coyote - not in person, but in our ears. He was part of a radical street group called the Diggers who became the heart and soul of Haight-Ashbury. The Diggers dedicated themselves to building a new morality in place of the money-hungry capitalistic society. They began to distribute free food, provide free medical care and sponsor free rock concerts featuring musicians like the Grateful Dead. They burned money, left its ashes and set out to create the condition they described. We heard some of the music as we walked and Peter led us to interesting places like the house were Grateful Dead used to live. We imagined the time. It was really interesting!

Haight Ashbury might still have a lot of "hippie" shops, but they are mainly for tourists now. The area is expensive with cool shops and cafes and also quite a few homeless people. Its very contrasty.

You can learn a lot more about Peter Coyote and the Diggers on his website: http://www.petercoyote.com/sleeping.html. Today he is a Zen priest and an actor, author, director, screenwriter and narrator.