January in Mill Valley

As I was looking through my images from January to find 10 images for my 10 on 10 post this month, I noticed how the weather has been shifting so much between days with really heavy rains, moody foggy mornings and some sunny days in between. So I chose some images that show the weather for January in Marin County and San Francisco. The huge amount of rain we got this past month pushed Northern California out of drought and in Mill Valley, where I live, we have had several days with flooding of all the low lying areas and some power outages when trees fall in the storms. Flooding particularly occur when the rain comes at the same time at the hide tide in the Bay. This week the schools closed 2 days as some streets flooded both here and on the freeway making it difficult for students to get to the schools and for teachers to get to work. My kids certainly didn't mind! Personally i am ready for sun now. This post is part of a blog series of 10 on 10 posts and this month by 10 women. To see them all click through the posts starting with this post by photographer Katrina Kennedy http://captureyour365.com/10-on-10/


Bonus. I live on a hill and when we get rain and storm our house shakes, but after the storms we get the most spectacular views of the clouds. Here are two shots from today. Taken at sunrise and sunset. Have a great February!