Maui, Hawaii

In February I went on a nice family vacation to Maui in Hawaii and came home with lots of photos. It was nice to get away to warmer weather, but we also had strong winds and foggy mountains which were very beautiful. It was hard to decide on just 10 for this months 10-on-10 blogpost. In the end I chose scenery from different parts of the island. We stayed in the north-west part of the island and whales were so abundant in the sea that we would often spot a splash, a tail or a spout from the beach. We circled the northern part of the island where part of the Kahekili hwy is very narrow and with sheer cliff drops on one side. Along it we also got views of the green and lush and foggy interior. A very rugged landscape and very windy on the day. We enjoyed the beaches between Lahaina and Kaanapali. We spent time snorkeling and whale watching and got very lucky when 2 young male humpbacks swam right next to and under the boat we were on. A very magical moment! We also drove the famous road to Hana with its many many hairpin turns and narrow road. The town of Paia was very nice with lots of small shops and restaurants. Once on the road to Hana we stopped many times to enjoy the views, watch surfers, see waterfalls and have banana bread. It was awesome! I brought my new camera (5D mark IV and lens 24-70mm f2.8) and its a great camera/lens to use. SO happy. If you want to see more of Maui, I have posted more on instagram (Birgitteheibergphotography). Thank you for watching!

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