Tree discories in Boserup Skov

I am working on a photography project this year that has to do with transitions and one form of transition is moving. This is something I have done quite a bit and this is probably also why I chose this theme. So far i am not sure where I am going with this, but one thought that caught my mind was the word "roots". Can you have roots in many places? Certainly you can replant a tree and it will grow in different places, but maybe not all soils or climates. Also some roots are very supporting and others are not. I decided to literally take photos of roots while thinking about this :-). So I jumped in the car and drove to the nearest forest (Boserup Skov) to explore. 

One tree simply went over the road and made new roots there, so it is permanently connected to both sides of it. I think thats how I feel at the moment between my last place of residence and my new one :-).

Other trees managed to stay up even if their roots where floating beneath them or spreading to find a balance. It was very fascinating.

In the beginning I felt uncomfortable walking alone in the empty forest, but it turned out to be a beautiful experience and I always enjoy my time with my camera, which is sometimes too time consuming for friends or family. But it is a nice proces finding the right light, angle and subject.

At one point it started raining very lightly giving me wonderful color and sound, but as this turned more heavy I decided to head back to the car.  I hope you enjoyed my walk too :-). 

On my way out I met this bunch of kindergarden children. They were doing a hero pose by the water and looked like they were enjoying themselves in spite of the rainy weather. Nice.