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I grew up in Denmark and have lived there for most of my life. My first interest in photography started in Highschool as I documented travels. I got sidetracked from photography while I studied at Copenhagen Business School and graduated with a Masters degree in Computer Science and Business Economics. I worked with e-learning, multimedia, IT project management and IT strategy for a while and the camera came out on bicycle vacations. Gradually I started taking more photos again as me and my husband had kids. In 2005 my husbands work took our then newly started family abroad and we have raised our 2 children in Poland, Slovakia, the UK, the US and Denmark where we currently live. These country moves inspired me to capture my surroundings as a way of communicating and understanding the differences in culture that I experienced. I started taking online photography courses and formed a photography group in Bratislava, Slovakia. In 2011 we created a photobook with the title “What 10 Women Saw in Bratislava”. When we moved to London, I took a 6 months long professionel photography course at the London School of Photography. An exciting program with lots of challenging  assignments. I started the photography collective Focusnomore with Chloe Lagier dedicated to our shared projects and in particular storytelling. Here we love to document how people choose to live, see and

I love photography, I enjoy learning and being creative. When I am not photographing I enjoy doing various creative and DYI projects and I have a passion for sourdough bread baking, cooking, hiking, travel, roadtrips, art, beautiful functional interior design and architecture.

My other talents...

  • I can help you develop smaller websites using the Squarespace platfom
  • I am an organizer (i previously most often worked as a project manager and have managed 1 big house remodel and 5 country moves so far). I also love simple and functional interior design. I can help you make a plan for better organization, better use of space or plan a scandinavian style interior. 
  • I enjoy coaching and can help you if you want to improve your photography whether it is getting to know your camera better or learning to organize or edit photos on a smartphone or computer. I use Lightroom, Photoshop, On1 and various photography apps on my Iphone.

I'm am constantly striving to improve and expand my portfolio. If you are interested in modelling for a project in exchange for a portrait feel free to contact me too.